Heather Nobiling

Hey guys, look! It's me! Wow. I forgot how awesome this picture is because...

...I usually look like this.


And sometimes this...

Yep. I'd say that's a fair, if rather small, representation.
I am a mother of two boys, 18 and 11, and most days I want to run away. If you ask my boyfriend he'll say I'm an amazing girlfriend. I love performing for anyone and everyone. I do improv, the occasional storytelling, theater whenever I can, and dabble in standup comedy where I enjoy making musical parodies. I play the ukulele and the concertina, both for fun and mild profit. I sing whether people want me to or not. I've been known to dabble in the realm of physical fitness (although not so much recently). I love disc golf! But the trees love me more than the baskets. I draw. I photograph. I'm going to try my hand at oil painting. I love to knit. I LOVE to write.
I'm betting you might find just a little bit of all of those things on here at one point or another.
Oh hey! You're still here? Well, in that case... why don't you check out a couple other things I do.
Should probably start doing again.
Something like that, anyway.