Hey, I'm Nikki. You probably figured that out by clicking on my name, though. That picture is what I look like, except I don't have rainbow hair anymore. Right now my hair looks kind of like this:

Honestly, it changes every other month, so next month it might be entirely different. Whatever.

I've been called "the busiest woman in the Quad Cities" and that's a title I'm pretty proud of, to be honest. Being an entertainer is my life force at this point. If I'm not spending a weekend on stage in some shape or form I get the weird queasies. I started getting on stage regularly when I was doing improv with The Blacklist, and that was cool. I got to get drunk on stage on a lot and take my pants off, and I love drinking and I hate pants. I've been doing musical comedy for almost three years, I just started getting into acting, and I'm the vocalist of an EDM group in the QC called Superglacier. I produce a nerd-themed stand up show that travels ALL over the place. I'm also new to the Terror At Skellington Manor haunt team, so come October you can let me scare the pee out of you. 

I'll be honest, I'm the worst about blogging. But if you're interested in following my shenanigans you can like me here:

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Oh, like that nerd-themed comedy show too, for funsies:

Thanks, duders. Enjoy.