Sunday, April 24, 2016

...pssst... there's something going on over here...

Hey... yeah, you. Come over heeyah, kid. *nods you over.
How YOU doin'?
Yes... it's been a grip, ain't it? (There was so much intentionally wrong with that sentence it almost brings a tear to my eye.) I've still been running. Still salsa walking. Still sassy as ever. And, it history could have foretold, still as lazy as ever, because who's got two thumbs and hasn't gotten around to posting any #fatgirlrunning blogs lately? See above.
Oh, but don't get excited. I'm not posting one now, either. What I AM doing is letting you know that I'm still here, thinking of you fondly... not fondling... I don't know why I felt the need to clarify that. Except that I know some of you sickos. Anyway, where was I...
Ah yes! I, and the rest of us Chics haven't disappeared and haven't forgotten about you. We're just... ya know. Doin' what we do.
You know, like, stuff and shit.
I DID happen to come across something that made me... laugh, internally applaud and almost audibly curse in inanimate 'entity'.
See, what ha happened wuzz... I was checking out my youtube channel whilst looking for a fun teaser video to put up somewhere. You know, to tease. After you watch a video, youtube does this thing where instead of leaving a blank video space it likes to turn the video player into a collage of related videos (same author, 'if you like blank you may like blank' videos, that sorta thing?) Well, that was all well and good. Until I noticed the video in the bottom right hand corner. Zoom in on this. It's worthy.

What the FRUIT ROLL UPS, youtube? Why you gotta be a DICK? I mean, don't get me wrong, here. GREAT JOB, random girl posting videos of herself tryna work on her fitness. But dayum, YT. That's pretty harsh.
Oh well... maybe I should rename my jogging blog series.
(p.s. shameless plug! my aspiring gamer/actor/singer/writer/designer son Caeden has his own youtube channel, and if you guys just randomly watched his videos he would be SO tickled to see the views go up.)