Friday, April 1, 2016


My home for the week is my sister's apartment, a glorious two bedroom loft that feels more like a hotel room than someone's home. It's le chic as fuck! 

Anyway, as I sit typing, my niece is uncharacteristically quiet. She's usually zooming around the place like she's got a battery in her back - or a hybrid toddler, solar-powered. But she's munching on some quinoa for dinner, while I drink glass after glass of water, wishing it was the vodka I cashed yesterday afternoon.

It's so weird being on 'vacation'. Boring, truthfully. I mostly read, or watch shows on the internet, or sleep. The alcohol is gone, so my trip has lost it's glamour. I don't sleep that well, so the few hours I'm getting are weird melatonin-fueled head trips. I'm binge eating Popeye's chicken like I've never heard of vegetables. I'm becoming a lazy slug. T-minus 36 hours until I'm back in my world, we'll see how it goes!