Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hello friends! Heather here.


Guess what I did???

Um, yes. I DID take a shower yesterday! How did you know? But other than that, I went running again! That's right. And for those of you keeping track at home that makes two, count 'em TWO, times in one week that I've gone for a run. Run is a loose term, as I can mall walk faster than I can "run".

But I digress.

I ran!

I have also decided that I shall continue to chronicle all of my running, jogging and salsa walking exploits on my Fat Girl Running blog. You've probably been there. I sent you there the last time I enticed you here. Teehee... I'm such a saucy little minx!

So please, go check out my latest exploit into the world of really, REALLY slow running. Oh, and feel free to encourage me with your own feats of physical fitness and/or weight loss attempts! Let us be awesome encouragers of each other as we do... whatever the hell it is we want to do! You wanna plant a garden? Buy a pony? Shave a wicked cool design into your lady bits? Share it with me here! I'll encourage your sweet ass until you feel like you just won the lottery.