Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Would YOU dare?

I'm thrifty.

Cheap? Eh... Maybe sometimes. But mostly I'm a big fan of doing stuff on my own if I think I can get away with it. Like coloring my hair, for instance.

I've been dying my own hair for decades. I'm old. I've also frequented salons over the years, with amazing results that I have loved. Man, there is nothing quite like having your hair expertly washed and coiffed.

But I'm cheap, remember? Or poor. Or both.

So when I tried to go non-traditional (read that as 'fun') multicolored I just popped on over to Sally's and set myself up with all the goods I'd need to do just that. And with surprisingly little miss, I hit the mark.

Years of coloring and highlighting and bleaching have made coloring my hair a bit like spinning a roulette wheel. Or Forrest Gump. (Another - new! - cockney phrase! Forrest Gump = a wildcard; "you never know what you're gonna geh-et".)

So when I decide I'm going to add some highlights?


In my tiny, poorly lit bathroom with nothing but a knowledge gleaned from many a trip to the stylist's chair?

We're talking a Rosa Parks Forrest Gump.

As my luck would have it, things turned out just fine. Serendipitously, perfectly... me. Sometimes the gods DO shine down upon me.

Clearly, the gods of photogenic-ness have turned the other cheek.

What's the most daring task you take upon yourself to do? What's something you wish you had the guts to go for?

Inquiring minds want to know...