Monday, March 7, 2016

When Bats Attack

I love bats. They are gosh darn adorable!

I mean COME. ON. How cute are they?

Bats in the cave, however? Not so much. I mean, I've gone out on a date with a guy who had a serious bat infestation. ONE date. First and LAST. *shudder

My point is this. A little nasal hygiene goes a long way. (Are ya hearing me, Ted Cruz?)

Have you seen the video? Better yet, did you watch the actual debate?

This is the thing. In the midst of him speaking, a UWO - Unidentified White Object - finds its way onto his upper lip. He keeps talking. The waggly white wonder works its way onto his lower lip. He keeps on talking. He's like the Energizer bunny, this guy. He keeps on talking and talking and talking no matter what foreign object is hanging out/on/around his lips.

Guess we know his stance on foreign policy. *crickets
Or how he feels about Klingons? *nothing


So that's not even the best part! The UWO goes from upper lip to lower lip to... down the hatch!


Now, I've watched the video. I've watched the slow motion version. Was it REALLY a stray bat? A boogey on the loose? Which then became a mid-debate aperitif?

It's a moot point, I guess. And yet... a question for everyone out there.

Would you wipe it or swipe it?

Inquiring minds want to know... or maybe it's just me.