Thursday, March 17, 2016


Hello readers! I realized I haven't told you all anything about myself, and unless we are already 'friends' on social media you know bupkis about she who is Jasmeen. So here's the Cliff's Notes on She who is me!

I am an avid reader. My favorites lately are graphic novels (741.5 for life!), specifically Image. I'm also a huge fan of mystery and fiction. Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb, Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton - I love them!

I love to eat foods. I love finding new delicious treats to nosh on at all times, and I usually eat while I'm driving. If you've ever passed a Black woman eating buffalo wings while driving an SUV, chances are that was me hogging it up. 

I am a mother. I have a super neat (quelle surprise, I'm biased) 8 year-old son who I love to hang out with. He keeps it real and barely tolerates me.

I am a huge fan of drag and drag queens! As a young woman, I never identified as girly or femme. I watched RuPaul's Drag Race religiously, hoping to someday be as strong, as creative, as beautiful and feminine as the queens who graced my tv screen. I have all the respect for my queens!

I love podcasts. My tastes range from true crime to Black (pop) culture, to celebrity interviews, or just plain ridiculousness. My subscriptions to date are WTF with Marc Maron, Girl on Guy hosted by Aisha Tyler, The Read, Tax Season, Sword & Scale, Another Round with Heben and Tracy, The Bodega Boys, Fruit (written by Issa Rae), and Lore. Check them out and broaden your horizons!

My favorite video games are Hocus Pocus, Commander Keen, Oregon Trail, and Spitwad Willy. Fuck yeah!

So these are some things that make up She who is me. Thanks for reading!